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Awakened Hearts Feel Alike Tote Bag - Purple

Awakened Hearts Feel Alike Tote Bag - Purple

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Are you searching for a stylish and functional tote bag that speaks to your personal growth journey? Look no further than our Awakened Hearts Feel Alike tote bag!

Featuring a sleek and intriguing design with a glowing yellow heart and a hand putting a small red heart into it, this tote bag captures the power of merging your heart with the Heart of Creation. Printed on both sides with the phrase "Awakened Hearts Feel Alike," this tote bag serves as a daily reminder to embrace vulnerability and self-love to connect with the greatest force that conquers all.

In addition to its empowering message, this tote bag has practical features that make it perfect for various daily tasks. Need to carry your yoga clothes, books, or groceries? This tote bag has got you covered. It's available in three different sizes, so whether you need a small tote bag for a quick errand or a large one for a day trip, you can choose the perfect fit.

The tote bag is made from reliable strong materials. The reinforced black cotton handles not only add to its durability but also prevent any awkward situations. The black solid interior and boxed corners offer extra space and stability, which means you can place it down with ease and confidence.

And when it comes to maintenance, this tote bag is a breeze to clean. Whether you prefer using a terry washcloth or a soft bristle brush, you can easily wipe off any dirt or stains.

This high-quality tote bag will be your go-to companion for seasons to come. It's the perfect way to carry your belongings while also carrying a powerful message of personal growth and empowerment. 

So why wait? Order our Awakened Hearts Feel Alike tote bag today and enjoy free shipping on your purchase.

Choose the perfect fit with our 3 size options:

Small: 13"x13"

Medium: 16"x16"

Large: 18"x18"

Width (all sizes): 3.5"

Handle height (all sizes): 12"

Handle width (all sizes): 1"


Please note that this product is made on demand and may take 4-12 days to arrive.

We want you to have the best experience possible, and we appreciate your patience as we create a one-of-a-kind product for you.

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