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Ganesha Tapestry

Ganesha Tapestry

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Introducing our stunning Ganesha Tapestry, featuring the most amazing teacher of abundance, joy and compassion, in the center of the tapestry. This beautiful piece of art is available in four sizes, and four different background colors, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home.

What makes it so special?

Spiritual significance: Ganesha is one of the most beloved deities in Hinduism, known as the god of abundance, remover of obstacles, god of compassion, wisdom and joys of life. Incorporating the Ganesha Tapestry into your home decor can serve as a powerful reminder of these spiritual qualities, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to your space.

Meaningful decoration: Adding our Ganesha Tapestry to your home is a beautiful way to infuse your space with positive energy and meaningful decoration. Whether you're a spiritual seeker, a lover of Indian culture, or simply drawn to the beauty of this tapestry, it's sure to bring a sense of joy and harmony to your home.

Versatility: This joyful tapestry is incredibly versatile. It can be used as a wall hanging, bedspread, tablecloth, beach towel, and even as a meditation mat. With many sizes available, it's the perfect accent piece for any space, whether it's a bedroom, living room, or outdoor area.

High-quality design: Our Ganesha Tapestry is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The cloth is strong and durable, and the colors are vibrant and long-lasting, so you can enjoy the beauty of this tapestry without worrying about fading or dulling.

Don't miss out on this enchanting and versatile tapestry. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of Ganesha in your home!

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Product information

Material: soft and silky polyester fiber
Washing type: hand washable

Tapestry size

150 cm x 100 cm = 59"x39"

150 cm x 130 cm = 59"x51"

150 cm x 200 cm = 59"x79"

150 cm x 230 cm = 59"x91"

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