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Light Fiesta Spiral Notebook

Light Fiesta Spiral Notebook

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Introducing the Light Fiesta notebook! The cover of this notebook is a visual representation of the powerful energy waiting to be activated in your life.

The deep purple background is adorned with thick rays of white and orange light, surrounded by sparkling orbs and stars. It's the perfect reflection of the uplifting and joyful journey you're about to embark on.

This notebook is not just any ordinary notebook. With so much positive energy on the cover, it can serve as a communication channel between you and the universe. Use the notebook to jot down your deepest thoughts and intentions, and to document the amazing synchronicities that the universe sends your way.

The notebook is designed with ruled lines, a sturdy cover, and a secret pocket on the inside of the back cover to keep all your scattered notes in one place. The back cover is a sleek dark grey color. Its durability adds an extra layer of protection to your notes and makes the Light Fiesta notebook your perfect companion for everyday use.

As you co-create with the universe, this notebook can become your safe space to connect with your guides of light and learn to decode their messages. They often let you know they're with you by playfully drawing your attention to things like feathers, coins, and rainbows, or even by appearing in your photos as floating orbs.

Let this notebook be a resource for developing your intuition, manifestation skills and communication with the universe. It is the perfect vehicle for your journey of expansion and alignment with your dreams.

Light and convenient to carry wherever you go, this notebook is perfect for recording all the incredible miracles in your life. Whenever you call on the universe or your guides you spark a huge explosion of love and light in response. This notebook invites you to become the guest of honor at that incredible fiesta.

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Please note that this product is made on demand and may take 4-12 days to arrive.

We want you to have the best experience possible, and we appreciate your patience as we create a one-of-a-kind product for you.


118 ruled line pages

Height: 8"

Length: 6"

Depth: 0.6"

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